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EXCITING NEWS: Amuse Your Bouche is changing!

I have a pretty exciting announcement today. Amuse Your Bouche is changing! I’ll soon be changing the name of the site, and therefore also changing the URL, and my associated social media profiles. I know a lot of people will be surprised, perhaps even disappointed, to hear this, but hopefully you will understand my reasoning and be able to get behind me on this one!

Why are you changing the name of the site?

When I started AYB more than 7 years ago, I knew next to nothing about the blogging industry. In fact, there was barely a blogging industry to speak of back then – the number of professional bloggers has sky-rocketed in the past few years, and I’m proud to say I’m one of them! This site has grown into far more than I ever thought possible.

But I’ve never been too keen on the name of the site. ‘Amuse Your Bouche’ was a name I chose because I couldn’t think of anything else to call it… I was quite new to cooking, and completely new to blogging, and I didn’t know what direction my recipes would take me (for all I knew, I’d end up blogging intricate layer cakes every week!) – so the site name was suitably vague. It tells you nothing about the sorts of recipes you’re likely to find on the site.

Over the past few years, the site has found its direction – I blog almost entirely simple vegetarian dinners, with a few other kinds of meals thrown in for good measure. Everything I blog is 100% vegetarian, and super easy. The name ‘Amuse Your Bouche’ no longer seems to work.

So from February-ish (depending on how long it takes to finalise the new design!), the site will be called:

Easy Cheesy Vegetarian

Why ‘Easy Cheesy Vegetarian’?

I wanted to choose a name for the site that immediately lets you know what you’ll find here. People have super short attention spans these days (myself included!), and if you can’t grab people’s attention straight away, people won’t bother to invest the time in figuring things out. If someone is interested in easy vegetarian recipes (especially those that are a bit cheesy!), the name Easy Cheesy Vegetarian should make their ears prick up – far more than a vague name like Amuse Your Bouche.

It doesn’t mean that all of my recipes will become super cheesy – no more than they are already, anyway! I still love vegan food, and I’ll still sometimes post healthier meals that don’t rely on cheese. But I feel that Easy Cheesy Vegetarian is still a pretty good representation of the kinds of recipes you’ll find on the site.

Will your social handles change too?

Yep! I’ve already changed my social handles to @easycheesyveg – my actual display names will be changed once the site is officially moved (I just wanted to grab the handles before someone whisked them out from under me!).

So you can now follow me here:

Instagram – @easycheesyveg
Twitter – @easycheesyveg
Facebook –

If you’re already following me in these places, you don’t need to do anything – you’ll automatically be following the new usernames, and none of the content on my profiles has changed.

And if you’re not yet following me somewhere, now’s your chance!

Will your blog content change with the new name?

Nope! All of my old content will still appear on the blog, and you’ll be able to access all of your favourite old recipes using the same URLs as before – I’ll make sure I get the redirects set up seamlessly!

Going forward, I also won’t be changing the sort of content I post. I’ll be sharing exactly the same sorts of easy vegetarian recipes as I always have done – it won’t affect you as a reader at all.

Will you be redesigning the blog?

Yes! I’m super excited to be working on a new blog design to match the new name. I’ve had my current design for nearly 4 years now, so it’s definitely time for a change! The new design will be easy to navigate, and hopefully will iron out any current little issues we have on the site. There will also be a few new features that will make it easier than ever to use the site and find exactly the recipes you want!

If you have any particular requests that you’d like me to keep in mind with the new design, now’s your chance – do let me know your thoughts in the comments!

I’m really excited to push ahead with Easy Cheesy Vegetarian in the new year – I hope you’re as keen as I am to see the new version of the site!

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