It's time for the second annual Amuse Your Bouche reader survey! 15 easy questions, mostly multiple choice - I'd love to hear your feedback!

If you’ve been reading Amuse Your Bouche for over a year, then firstly: thank you! You’re the reason I’m here (n’aww).

And secondly, you might remember that last year I posted a reader survey. I thought I’d make it an annual thing, since I have so many exciting new ideas for 2016, and last year you guys were really useful in helping me narrow things down a bit! It can be tricky stopping my imagination from running away with me…

Plus it’s always great to hear your preferences and what sorts of recipes you’d like to see on the blog, so I can make sure I’m sharing things that you’ll really love.

I know it’s super close to Christmas and a lot of you will be really busy shopping, writing cards (what do you mean I’m supposed to have sent them off by now?), eating chocolate, and all the rest of it, but if you could spare about three minutes of your time, I’d really appreciate the feedback!

There are only 14 questions, most of them are multiple choice, and those that aren’t can even just be ignored if you’re not feeling particularly talkative.

Thanks in advance!

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