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Happy May! Apologies for publishing this post a day later than usual – we had a three day weekend here in the UK, and I was away celebrating my future sister-in-law’s hen do (that’s a bachelorette party to some of you).

I’ve actually been away three times this month – it’s been exhausting! I had two separate hen weekends away, plus my husband and I went away to the Cotswolds for a few days to celebrate our three year anniversary. I suppose some of you may be interested to see what I look like these days, so here’s a photo from our trip. This was about three weeks ago now, so imagine me looking even fatter and more exhausted, and that’s what I look like now.

The baby’s (hopefully) coming in 8 weeks, but I’m not quite sure how people are supposed to be pregnant for so long? I’m already finding it hard to put my own socks on, it takes me a fair few seconds to get up out of a chair, and god help me if I drop anything. It’s hard work. 8 more weeks sounds like torture. She’d better be a good baby.

The nursery is almost done – it now has paint on the walls, a carpet, and even some furniture! I’ll probably show you a photo next month, if you care.

April was quite a quiet month on the blog, with just 6 new recipes. I’m really hoping I’ll be able to keep things going once the baby comes, so if that means keeping things slow and steady, I think that’s probably preferable to going crazy now and then having to stop entirely come June. I hope you agree! I am going to try and amp it up a bit in May though.

The most popular recipes from April were:

Mediterranean couscous with roasted cauliflower steaks
Vegetarian full English breakfast
Low-carb cauliflower tabbouleh

I also shared four new recipes over on Brit+Co in April.

Spiked strawberry basil lemonade
Single serving macaroni cheese
BBQ tacos
Mini millionaire’s shortbread tarts

And just in case you missed them when I mentioned them the other day, here are the other two recipes I was working on with St Dalfour this month:

Easy pear crumble bars
Apricot and walnut vegetarian sausage rolls

Now that I think about it, perhaps I’ve been busier than I first thought…!

I thought next month I might do a bit of a ‘day in the life of a food blogger’ kind of post, if anyone would find that interesting?