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Happy March! The past month has been pretty full on. Since we have a littl’un arriving in less than 4 months (eek), we’re trying to get the house how we want it – including renovating a few rooms, installing a tumble dryer and dishwasher (hallelujah!), buying some new furniture, etc. We’ve had workmen in our house more often than not, including plumbers, electricians, plasterers, and general builders. I’m getting very good at memorising how people take their tea, and keeping a wriggly dog holed up in one room while men take over the rest of the house.

I was really hoping to be able to show you guys one or two photos of the end result today, but obviously things always take longer than you plan them to, so maybe next month! We’re also getting a new fridge (it’s huuuuuge), which I am disproportionately excited about – so I’ll definitely show you that next time!

For now, hopefully these photos will do. First, here’s another baby scan for those of you who have been asking. I know it’s not as cute as an actual baby, but it will have to do for now. This scan is from the start of February, so she (yes, she!) is actually a few weeks older and a few times more wriggly than this now.

If anyone has any recommendations for must-have (or must-not-have) baby items, please let me know in the comments! I don’t really know how these baby things work.

And here are a few photos of little Pip, since I get told off when I don’t include her. She continues to be a nuisance, and we continue to allow her to get away with it because she’s so ridiculously cute. Here’s a small selection of the different methods she’s found for getting in my way this month:

– trying to get her paws on whatever food I’m photographing on the dining table. On this occasion I think she was eyeing up the carrot (her favourite). Times like these remind me why we only got a tiny dog – she doesn’t stand a chance of getting up there.

– deciding that my computer cursor is actually an insect, which needs eating immediately. She does this on an almost daily basis, and never seems to realise that there’s no actual insect there. It’s probably not great for my screen, but I let her do it anyway because I find her unrelenting stupidity quite funny.

– sitting right on my chest when I’m using my laptop on the sofa. About 90% of my work is done whilst craning my neck to see around the dog. As I type this, she’s sat on one of my arms. She has absolutely no awareness that she’s completely in the way.

– pretty much just sitting on me all day, every day, wherever I am and whatever I’m doing. She’s the clingiest dog I’ve ever known, she just wants to cuddle all day. Also, I apologise for the ridiculous red hoodie she’s wearing in this photo – as much as we try to convince ourselves that we’re not the kind of people who put clothes on our dog, we totally are. Only occasionally though.

It’s a good job she’s cute.

At the start of February, my husband and I attended the Best of Pinterest UK awards, which was cool! I imagine a lot of people think food blogging is just a lot of lonely people sat at home on their own on their computers, which is partly true, but there’s also a whole community and a whole industry around blogging – we have awards shows and conferences and everything! It’s always a lot of fun to get together and catch up with blogging friends.

I was nominated in 2 categories at the Pinterest awards, and although I didn’t win, my one pot vegetarian chilli mac was runner up in the Comfort Food category! That means my recipe was chosen as 2nd best out of 20, which I think is pretty great. Instead of a trophy, we got an utterly enormous 1kg bar of dark chocolate – see above. The banana wasn’t part of the prize (that would be a bit odd), it’s just there in an attempt to convey how huge this chocolate bar is (and it’s a big banana!). I still don’t think it looks that big in the photo, but I’ve only managed to get through 3 squares of it in the past 3 weeks, which may give you a clue. Chocolate doesn’t usually last long in my house.

Here’s the (almost!) winning recipe – one pot vegetarian chilli mac. It’s one of my favourites, you must try it. Think I might put it on the menu again for this week.

As for new recipes, I’ve had fun this month! The first quarter of the year is always a bit slower on the work front, so I’ve been able to cook whatever the heck I like, which has been nice. Here were the top 3 most viewed recipes from February:

Herby risotto stuffed peppers
Aubergine goulash
Creamy goat’s cheese and mushroom pasta with walnuts

…which also happen to be the first three recipes I posted this month! That’s not always the case – usually, something I post later in the month becomes disproportionately popular, but I guess nothing in particular stuck out to you this month. Sorry if that’s the case!

Here are the 4 recipes I posted on Brit + Co in February, which you probably haven’t seen yet:

Pink white chocolate pots (you can always skip the food colouring now that it’s no longer Valentine’s Day!)
Easy vegetarian jambalaya
Pizza-topped hummus
Courgette nachos (squachos!)

Over on Instagram, I shared another 9 photos that you’ve sent me of your AYB creations – I love seeing these! Keep them coming – if you take a photo of one of my recipes, just tag me on Instagram or Twitter, or share on my Facebook page. I’m so grateful for all the lovely photos you guys send me.

It’s time for 9 more drool-worthy photos that you lovely people have sent me! ❤️ Don’t forget to tag me @amuseyourbouche and use #amuseyourbouche if you ever cook one of my recipes, I loooove to see how you guys interpret my simple vegetarian recipes ?? Here we have (left to right from top) creamy pesto mushrooms and halloumi on toast; red Thai satay tofu; veggie pot pie soup; avocado risotto; mushroom and barley soup; chestnut and chickpea roast; one pot vegetarian chilli mac; goat’s cheese polenta with asparagus and portobellos; and vegetarian ‘beef’ stew and dumplings! ??? All recipes are on the blog, just click the link in my profile and use the search bar. Thanks for all the lovely photos – credit to @AnneFHudson and @iamnota_hipster on Twitter, and @modaddy66, @sabudana_kitchen, @nickialanoche, @simcoesim, @jackarywoo, @chefboyorjen and @riggersby on IG ?????

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Sorry this post got so long! I have a feeling I’m going to keep getting carried away with this new kind of behind the scenes post. Feel free to tell me which parts you’re more or less interested in. And if there’s anything else you’d like to see in the future, just let me know, I’m all ears!