Behind the scenes of a food blog - May 2017

Happy June! The month my baby is due! Ahhhh!

Sorry this post is a day late. I’ve published a post on the first of the month, almost without exception, for about 3 years – it’s only been late a couple of times. Usually I’d be beating myself up (not literally) about this, but I am sooo over working right now that to be honest, I’m not even bothered. Sorry! My maternity leave from the blog doesn’t officially start until the 10th June, and I do still have one or two projects to finish off before then, but mentally I have already totally checked out. All I want to do is tidy the house in preparation for the baby (which, if you knew my house, you’d find hilarious), lay around with my feet in the air (they’re both rather spherical at the moment), sleep, and… that’s about it really. I definitely don’t want to stand in the kitchen all day.

So I do apologise for the quiet month here on the blog! Only 6 new recipes in May (same as I managed in April) – and I’m sure the next couple of months will be fairly quiet too. I’m definitely going to try to check back in with a recipe or a round-up once a week or so while I’m on maternity leave, but not as often as usual (I’m only actually allowed to work for 10 days in total while on maternity leave). Make sure you’re subscribed to my mailing list if you’d like to be notified when I post something new.

Since it appears that I’m getting all honest and stuff in this post, I’ll admit that it does worry me a bit that you’ll all forget about me and stop visiting while I’m busy playing with a cute baby. It would mean the world to me if you’d keep coming back to try out some of my older recipes (there are lots! You can’t have made them all yet!), sharing them with your friends, etc. Anything that means I can have an extra week or two with the littl’un before having to come back to work. It’s a bit of a pain having to carry her around in my belly all day long (she had hiccups all day yesterday – absolutely adorable, but it did make me feel a bit queasy), but I’m sure once she’s here, I won’t want to put her down.

Anyway, that got a bit deeper than I intended it to. Apologies to those of you who aren’t into babies. Just in case you’re more into dogs, here are two photos of Pip from this month – one where she chose to sit in a lovely, comfortable position that’s entirely appropriate for a cuddle, and one where she didn’t. I’ll let you decide which is which.

Food time!

The three most popular recipes from May were:

Vegetarian ‘fishcakes’
Chickpea bolognese pasta bake
Stuffed aubergines with spinach rice and halloumi

I did also manage to work on 4 new recipes for Brit+Co this month, as usual (I’ve not been entirely slacking – in fact, one of these posts actually contains three separate recipes, so you could even say I’m an over-achiever):

3 healthy camping snacks
Sweet chilli halloumi skewers
Egg in a hole breakfast sandwiches
One pot sweet potato and black bean chilli

I do like to share recipe fails here when I remember to photograph them – usually they end up in the bin before I think to take a photo. This spinach and mushroom stew, served with cheesy bean mash, wasn’t really a fail, since it was actually pretty tasty – but it did end up looking ugly as sin. I can still share the recipe if you like, but I might give it another go at some point to make it look a bit more attractive. Any advice to stop sliced portobellos looking like slugs is very welcome!

Right, that’s May done. By the start of July I will hopefully have a week old little girl, and I will be entirely organised, with tons of recipes and photos to share.

(only kidding, see you in 2019 maybe)