I’m a terrible blogger – it’s taken me two whole months to get around to writing a single blog post about my wedding. But after I finally remembered to share a photo on my Facebook page, which you guys kind of went slightly crazy for (thank you so much for all your embarrassingly lovely comments!), I figured I should let you see a few more wedding photos. So today we’re taking a slight break from food! Normal service will resume next time, so if you’re not a wedding fan just bear with me!

So, here goes. And before anyone says anything: no, we’re not teenagers. I’m 25, he’s 26. Apparently we just have very good genes…

We started with me awkwardly standing in front of a mirror trying to look all bridal and stuff.


We also took some photos with my beautiful mum and bridesmaids, but I wasn’t sure whether they would appreciate their faces being plastered all over my blog for a few hundred thousand people to see… so I thought I’d better not show you those ones for the moment.

Then it was time for the ceremony. Our venue was a theatre, which was a bit of a blank canvas really – basically just a big black room. In this picture you can see how we decorated it to make it all pretty – lots of branchy trees with fairy lights and uplighters, and a festoon hanging along the ceiling to mark out the aisle. It was magical.

(hopefully people won’t mind being in this photo, given that they’re only about the size of a flea)


As you can see, it was a pretty small wedding – about 70 of us in total. It was just perfect for us. There were plenty of people to dance with but we were still able to talk to just about everyone!


After the ceremony, we had a glass of bubbly:

IMG_0024Then we went outside for confetti:

IMG_0229And some more awkwardly posed photos (can you tell we don’t like being in front of the camera?)


IMG_0087Then it was time for food! We had the reception in the same room as the ceremony, which was actually one of the reasons we chose the venue – it was so much easier not having to make everyone drive across town. Instead we took photos, chatted and had plenty of glasses of bubbly while the staff set up our tables – perfect!

As you can see, our centrepieces were super simple – just a few white balloons. We tied them down to beer mugs full of Cadbury’s mini eggs (since it was the week before Easter). We didn’t want anything too imposing, and balloons meant that people could still see each other across the table! It also left plenty of room for big bowls of salad on the tables – we wanted our meal served ‘family style’ so that everyone could dig in and it stayed pretty informal.


After food came the most ridiculously fun party of my life. Literally, there were dance offs, sing offs, even an entirely spontaneous breakdancing competition. Most fun I’ve ever had. We should definitely get married again next year (as long as someone else can plan it for us next time).

I’m afraid I won’t be posting any dancing pictures because I don’t want to embarrass anyone (myself included). But I’m sure you can imagine what a room full of drunken people dancing in posh dresses and suits looks like!

So there you have it! I’d do it again in a heartbeat (um, I mean I’d relive the day again… not that I’d marry someone else…)



(all photos courtesy of the wonderful Andrew AB. If you’re in North West UK and want photos for your wedding or show, drop him a line!)