Blog Tips How to find out how many times a blog post has been pinned

If you’re a blogger, I’m guessing you use Pinterest. If not, get on it now! Not only is it a great way to discover new recipes, craft projects, etc., it’s also vital for bringing traffic to your blog – it’s consistently my biggest source of traffic. It’s also a great way to gauge your readers’ reaction to your blog posts – if a post receives a lot of pins, you can be fairly sure that it went down well and you’ll know to write more of that type of post in the future. Of course, some types of blog post (e.g. recipes) are inherently more ‘pinnable’ than others (e.g. general lifestyle posts), so you shouldn’t necessarily be disheartened if a post receives fewer pins than you’d hoped – but it’s still a good place to start!

So how can we find out what’s being pinned from our sites, in order to know what sorts of posts to write in the future?

Two starsThis is an ‘intermediate’ blogging tip – it’s aimed at people who already have their site set up, but who want to learn how to build their traffic and grow their audience.

How to find out what is being pinned from your blog

There are two main ways to check what’s being pinned from your site. The first uses Pinterest itself. You know when you view a pin, and there’s a little box on the right hand side that says something like ‘Other pins from’? That’s where you need to go to see everything that’s been pinned from a particular site.

Other pins from a URL

Click there to see any patterns in what’s being pinned – it might be that one recipe / blog post is being pinned a lot more often than others, for example, in which case you know it was popular.

If you want to go directly to this page, you can type this straight into your browser’s address bar:

replacing the ‘yourblogurl’ part with whatever your blog’s address is. So for example, to see all the pins from my site, I go to

I like to have a look down these pins every few days because sometimes people add comments about my recipes, which I think it’s nice to reply to! It’s another way to engage with your readers.

But what about if I want to know exactly how many pins a particular recipe has had? I could go through this page and count them all up, but that would take hours. Don’t worry – there’s an easier way!

How to find out exactly how many times a blog post has been pinned

This is a really easy way of finding out how many times you’ve been pinned.

Go to this website.

Type in the URL of the blog post you want to check.

It will give you a number – that’s how many times your post has been pinned!

It really couldn’t be any simpler.

Pinterest pin count

The only downside with this site is that you have to search each of your blog posts individually, so you obviously won’t want to check every post every day. It’s just quite interesting to have a look at your most popular blog posts every few weeks and see how the number of pins has increased! If you get really lucky you might even get a post that goes somewhat viral!

Pinterest pin counter

Go and have a go with some of your own posts! But beware, once you start it’s pretty hard to drag yourself away.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments and feel free to request a topic for the next Blog Tips Tuesday if there’s anything in particular you’re confused about!