Hi all! My last few posts have been written in advance and scheduled to be published on certain days (sorry, it’s all magic and trickery here in blogland), but I thought I’d drop in today to introduce you to the newest member of the AYB team. Meet Eden!

At the time of writing this, Eden’s exactly 1 month old (though it will probably take me a few days to finish writing this post, as she loves waking up at the most inconvenient moments). It still feels incredibly weird to think that I have a child (a child!!), but we’re just about settling back into everyday life.

I ended up having an emergency C-section and we spent most of the first week in hospital, which sucked. Here’s our first ever photo together, while I was still on the operating table:

(somehow I look better in this photo than pretty much any other photo that’s ever been taken of me – finally seeing my baby for the first time after a 30 hour labour probably helped)

It’s been a tough month, but things are slowly getting easier. It’s hard to not be happy looking at that little squidgy face…

(please remind me of this next time she’s screaming in my face at 3 in the morning)

If you have kids of your own, you might remember that newborns don’t really do much. She sleeps, eats, fills her nappy, and that’s pretty much it. Here are a few more details:

Favourite toy: My hair / her own thumb
Least favourite toy: Any of the toys we actually spent money on

Favourite place to sleep: Anyone’s chest / arms / lap
Least favourite place to sleep: Her own bed

Favourite time of day: 3am, party time!
Least favourite time of day: 7pm til midnight, a.k.a. the witching hour

I jest. She’s not as bad as all that – definitely hard work at times, but things could definitely be worse.

We’re trying not too put too many photos of Eden online, just because I don’t really think it’s fair for her to grow up with her whole life already being public. So AYB definitely won’t be turning into a baby blog! It’s so hard to resist – there are so many ridiculously cute photos I want to share here, there and everywhere, but I won’t.

Here’s just one more photo, for luck:

Isn’t she just the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen?