Have you spotted this written on a blog post, and you’re wondering what it means?

This is an advertisement. Find out more here.

If you see this text, it means that the blog post was sponsored by whatever company is mentioned in the post. Usually this means I was paid to write the post.

Whether a blog post is sponsored or not, one thing is always certain: unless clearly stated, everything I say on this blog comes from me, everything is written by me, and everything reflects my own personal opinions. I am never obligated to give a positive review of any product, and I would never develop a recipe around a product that I did not genuinely enjoy and recommend.

Creating and photographing recipes, writing blog posts, and promoting my blog on social media is my full time job, and sponsored posts are vital to ensure that I can keep Easy Cheesy Vegetarian up and running. I’m really grateful to all of my sponsors for allowing me to continue doing what I love day after day.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns about sponsored posts (or anything else!), please feel free to get in touch!