This Month's Recipes: September 2015. A collection of all the yummy vegetarian recipes that appeared on Amuse Your Bouche this month.

So here we are – October! The month of reluctant Hallowe’en costumes, orange leaves, and finally allowing myself to put the heating on. Things could be worse.

September was a really busy month for me – I had something on every weekend (which is very busy, for somebody as hermitty as me). I spoke at BlogStock, spent a lovely weekend at the Food Blogger Connect conference (which you’ll hear more about soon), stayed in a cottage for a few nights for a friend’s hen do (which you will not hear more about soon), and between all that, created my first ebook and set up a monthly newsletter.

…aaaand breathe. No wonder I’m ill this week.

Hopefully you’re all still with me, I apologise if I get a little manic and start spouting even more rubbish than usual.

I haven’t posted any puppy pictures for a few months, and since I’m fairly convinced that Pip the pup is the only reason some of you are here, I figured it’s time for another update. I posted this one over on my Facebook page a couple of weeks ago, and you guys went crazy for it, thus confirming my suspicions.

To be fair, she is much cuter than a tofu curry.

Pip on chair-1

Anyway, onto the food.

Here were the top 3 most popular vegetarian recipes from September:

Full English breakfast baked eggs

Full English breakfast baked eggs

Epic avocado sandwich

Epic avocado sandwich

Red Thai satay tofu

Red Thai satay tofu

And my personal favourite from this month was…

Toasted gnocchi salad

Toasted gnocchi salad

A lot of my posts this month were non-recipes, so there’s only two other recipes to share. Sorry, must try harder.

TMR September 2015 collage

Healthy apple crumble smoothie
Hot and buttery samphire potato salad

But perhaps you’ll forgive me, because I did also post a collection of 11 delicious vegetarian sandwiches:

11 delicious vegetarian sandwiches

And I even showed you how to deep fry safely at home without a deep fryer:

How to deep fry safely at home without a deep fryer

If you haven’t yet signed up for my brand new and super exciting monthly newsletter, make sure you head over to this post to find out more about it. I’m working on the first newsletter now (which will go out mid-October), and it’s already a good’un!

Introducing AYB newsletter

Hopefully see you back here in October, I promise I’ll have more recipes this month!