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Welcome to Easy Cheesy Vegetarian!

Amuse Your Bouche is now Easy Cheesy Vegetarian – still with all the same awesome simple vegetarian recipes!

Hello! Welcome to the brand spanking new Easy Cheesy Vegetarian!

Of course, if you’re on the ball, you’ll notice that the site isn’t actually new at all – it’s full of the exact same content you used to find on Amuse Your Bouche, just with a shiny new design and a new name.

All your favourite recipes can still be found here – yes, even the very veggie lentil bake (I know a few of you were worried for a second there).

As well as getting a bit of a face-lift, I’ve also been doing lots of work behind-the-scenes to reorganise my recipes (all 900 of them!), so it’s now easier than ever to find your old favourites, or to discover something new.

Here’s a little overview of a few of the new features of ECV, so you can be sure you’re using the site to its full potential!

How to find an old favourite recipe on Easy Cheesy Vegetarian

If you’re reading this post on your laptop or desktop computer, you’ll probably see something like this when you first visit the site. As you can see, there’s a handy search box in the top right-hand corner – just stick a keyword into the box, and you’ll be taken to a list of all related recipes.

For example, if I search ‘burrito bowls’, I get sent to this page:

The same search bar also appears in the sidebar of the website (that’s the bit over there –>), in case you don’t want to have to scroll all the way to the top of the page!

How to browse recipes on Easy Cheesy Vegetarian

If you’re not sure exactly what recipe you’re looking for, and you just want to browse to find something to inspire you, that’s easy too!

The ‘recipes’ tab in the navigation bar allows you to view recipes according to all sorts of different categories – whether you’re interested in a particular type of meal, diet type, cuisine, or cooking time.

Just choose whichever option takes your fancy, and you’ll be shown all the recipes in that category. For example, if I choose the Tex-Mex category, here’s what I see:

How to view recipes by ingredient

Or, if you have a particular ingredient you’d like to use in a recipe, and you want some inspiration, the site can help you with that too!

Just click ‘view all recipes’, and you’ll see a list of every ingredient I’ve ever tagged in a recipe. The number in brackets shows how many recipes you’ll find for that ingredient.

If your ingredient isn’t listed, it’s always worth sticking it in the search box instead – it might be that I’ve used it once or twice, but not often enough to set up a whole tag for it.

Featured recipes on Easy Cheesy Vegetarian

The site’s homepage now highlights several recipes that I’ve personally chosen to feature. I’ll change these out for something new every couple of weeks, so make sure you check back often!

This section of the site will usually focus on something seasonal – perhaps salad recipes during a heatwave, packed lunch ideas at back-to-school time, or Christmassy recipes in December.

Currently, I’m featuring a few of my favourite crowd-pleasing recipes – any excuse to show off some of my favourite comfort food!

At-a-glance information in recipe posts

My blog posts themselves have a lovely new feature too, in the form of a straightforward information box that appears at the top of each recipe post.

Without needing to scroll through each blog post, you can see a quick description of the recipe, how long it takes to make, and how many people the recipe serves.

If those details inspire you, you can either click ‘jump to recipe’ to hop down the page directly to the recipe itself, or scroll down slowly to read the full details.

If you’ve cooked one of my recipes, please don’t forget to click ‘rate this recipe’, and leave a comment and a star rating so others can see how you got on!

How to sign up to get recipes by email

You may also notice that the homepage now features a prominent email sign-up bar. This is the best way to keep up-to-date with my new vegetarian recipes – just enter your email address in the box, and click ‘subscribe’.

You’ll then receive an email every time I publish a new post – usually about twice a week, but it can vary a little depending on how organised I am!

You can also sign up using the form in the sidebar – this one allows you to input your name too, so you’ll get personalised emails. That’s the only difference – all other email content will be the same!

And that’s about all you need to know! Please do take a few minutes to look around the site and let me know if anything seems amiss, or if you find any links that aren’t working. I’m sure there will be a few teething problems, but I’m so excited to get stuck right in to Easy Cheesy Vegetarian!


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