Hello! I’m Becca Heyes, vegetarian food blogger and cheese eater extraordinaire. I’ve been sharing hearty, vegetable-packed comfort food here since 2011, and I hope to show vegetarians and meat-eaters alike that vegetarian food can be irresistible.

I live in the UK with my husband (drummer and leader of the best UK wedding band!), our two incredible young daughters, and our seriously tiny dog Pip. I’m a maths geek, lover of ska punk and musical theatre in equal measures, and rom-com addict.

Vegetarian food blogger Becca Heyes in a kitchen.

🧀 About Easy Cheesy Vegetarian

Easy Cheesy Vegetarian is a vegetarian food blog that’s absolutely packed with super simple vegetarian recipes. If any of the following apply to you, you’ve come to the right place:

  • You’re a new vegetarian who needs some easy recipes to help you get used to vegetarian cooking.
  • You’re a long-time veggie who is looking for some inspiration.
  • You’re a meat-eater who also loves meatless meals.
  • You’re a meat-eater who doesn’t currently eat vegetarian food very often, but you want to start cutting down on your meat intake.

(and if none of the above apply, you’re welcome here anyway!)

This is a place of no judgement – whether you’ve never eaten meat in your life, or your only experience with vegetarian food so far has been the occasional margherita pizza (or anything in between), I’m glad you’re here!

Chestnut and mushroom pie with suet crust and broccoli.
A slice cut from an Indian naan bread pizza with paneer.

🍛 About my Simple Vegetarian Recipes

Most of the vegetarian recipes I share here are simple and straightforward, and full of flavour. I cook by three main principles:

  1. I don’t believe in using weird or hard-to-find ingredients just for the sake of it – it’s perfectly possible to create a tasty vegetarian meal using just ingredients from your local supermarket, or even things you’ll already have in the house. It’s very rare you’ll find me using an ingredient that you can’t find easily.
  2. I’m also pretty lazy, so I cut corners where I can – I try to avoid creating tons of dirty dishes (one pot recipes are my favourite!), and I don’t like recipes that add extra cooking steps for no real reason. If a task is unnecessary, I just won’t bother.
  3. I love food! Which means I don’t do tiny portions of fussy food. I like good, hearty meals with lots of flavour (and often lots of cheese!). Casseroles, pasta bakes, curries, stews – this is the kind of food I love.
Vegetarian chilli mac in a bowl topped with cheese and avocado.
A portion of gyoza soup with noodles and vegetables.

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