31 Vegetarian One Pot Dinners

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If you hate washing dishes, you need this bumper collection of vegetarian one pot dinners! Maximum flavour, minimum cleaning.

Collage showing 8 different vegetarian one pot dinners

I love cooking, but washing up has got to be one of the most tedious kitchen jobs there is. I used to spend a good 30 minutes every day washing dishes, ending up with wrinkly fingertips and an aching back. Even after we bought a dishwasher a couple of years ago (truly life-changing!), I still hate creating lots of dirty dishes – it’s so irritating when you cook one meal, and the dishwasher is immediately full.

If you feel the same as I do, this collection of vegetarian one pot dinners is for you! You won’t need multiple pans, no food processor or mixing bowl, nothing needs to be cooked separately… at most, you’ll need a chopping board and knife, and one frying pan or saucepan to cook in.

Slow cooker paneer tikka masala

What about side dishes?

Most of these recipes are true one pot dinners, but a few of them are photographed with some sort of side dish (such as a curry served with rice).

Don’t worry – I’ve made sure that all of these meals would be great served on their own as well, or with a no-prep side dish like salad or bread. For example, a chilli is just as good served with tortillas for dipping instead of rice, and a curry is great with poppadoms, both of which can be eaten straight out of a packet – no extra dishes needed!

Or, you can sacrifice one extra pan to cook something else on the side if you prefer.

Lazy people unite – let’s make some vegetarian one pot dinners!

Vegetarian one pot dinners

Easy lentil and halloumi curry

Easy lentil and halloumi curry (pictured above)
Avocado risotto [vegan]
Creamy white beans with goat’s cheese
Slow cooker three bean enchilada chilli [vegan]

Enchilada noodles

Enchilada noodles (pictured above)
Slow cooker paneer tikka masala (pictured top)
Lentil and mushroom stew with Branston pickle [vegan]
Prasorizo (Greek rice with leeks) [vegan]

Roasted vegetable ratatouille with chickpeas

Easy roasted vegetable ratatouille with chickpeas [vegan] (pictured above)
Madagascan bean stew [vegan]
15 minute black bean soup [vegan]
Slow cooker burrito bowls
Baked Boursin pasta

Greek quesadillas

Greek quesadillas (pictured above)
Vegetarian chilli and rice bake
Creamy three bean stew
Spicy three bean soup [vegan]

Mushroom and black bean chilli

Mushroom and black bean chilli [vegan]
Sweet potato and chickpea slow cooker tagine [vegan]
One pot vegetarian chilli mac
Butternut squash and black bean skillet

Vegetarian egg fu yung

Vegetarian egg fu yung (pictured above)
Creamy gnocchi primavera
Tuscan bean and veggie soup [vegan]
Caribbean-style sweet potato stew [vegan]

One pan chickpea curry and rice bake

One pan chickpea curry and rice bake [vegan] (pictured above)
Slow cooker smoky jalapeño and white bean soup
Sausage and puy lentil vegetarian cassoulet [vegan]

15 minute creamy chickpea curry

15 minute creamy chickpea curry (pictured above)
Vegetarian paella with artichokes and olives [vegan]
Creamy cauliflower cheese soup
15 minute creamy pasta primavera

And there you go! 31 awesome vegetarian one pot dinners to make cleaning up a breeze.

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