Quick and easy veggie tostadas [Amuse Your Bouche]

It’s all kicking off here this week – yesterday a giveaway and today I’m guest posting over at Mess Makes Food with these super quick and easy veggie tostadas. These are perfect for those days when you feel you should have something healthy for dinner, but absolutely can’t bring yourself to spend more than five minutes in the kitchen (i.e. Monday – Friday and, let’s be honest, the occasional weekend). Next time you feel like that, rather than resorting to calling for a take away, try these tostadas. They’re a bit like a Mexican pizza – warm, melty cheese and rich refried beans on top of a crispy tortilla, topped with plenty of fresh Mexican-style vegetables.

One of these little tostadas is enough for a lunch or light dinner portion, but if you’re feeling extra hungry you might want to double up. I promise you won’t have any trouble getting it down – in fact you might need to restrain yourself a bit to avoid eating them all in two mouthfuls. We actually had these two days running because I spent the entire 24 hours thinking about how good they were. So do yourself a favour and pop on over to Mess Makes food for the recipe for these quick and easy veggie tostadas!

Quick and easy veggie tostadas