Creamy Green Bean Potato Salad

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This creamy green bean potato salad is crunchy and full of flavour, packed with fresh vegetables, and lightly coated in a tasty garlic mayonnaise dressing.

Vegetable and potato salad on a platter, shot from above.

We’ve had some glorious weather lately! Of course, there’s been the odd torrential downpour and thunderstorm too (otherwise how would we know we were in the UK?!), but there have been enough sunny days that it feels like we’ve had generally good weather. And sunny days call for BBQs, picnics, and light, summery meals – like this creamy green bean potato salad!

Green bean potato salad in a bowl.

Creamy potato salad

I feel like potato salad divides people a bit – lots of potato salads are bland, smothered in far too much mayonnaise, and pretty much just a waste of space on the plate.

And then there’s this.

I hope you believe me when I say – this creamy potato salad is not remotely bland!

It’s packed with crunchy vegetables, fresh herbs, all sorts of beautiful summery flavours – and it’s lightly coated in garlic mayonnaise, for extra flavour. It’s such a beautiful combination!

Crispy fried potato wedges in a frying pan.

Fried potatoes

Rather than just boiling the potatoes for this potato salad, which can contribute to that blandness I mentioned, I fried them until they were perfectly crispy on the outside (but still nice and soft and fluffy in the middle).

You could roast the potatoes instead if you prefer – the most important thing is that you get nice little crispy bits all around the edges. They add so much to this salad!

Raw green beans being blitzed in a food processor.

Crunchy green bean dressing

Next up – the green bean dressing. Just blitz up some fresh garlic, spring onions, fresh coriander (cilantro), and raw green beans. You want the mixture to still have a good bit of texture, so don’t over-chop – just until all the big lumps of green bean are broken down.

This forms the basis of the potato salad dressing – just add a good squeeze of garlic mayo to finish it off.

I can’t say I would enjoy munching on a whole plateful of raw green beans, but when they’re blitzed up like this, they make a really tasty, fresh, crunchy dressing that totally brings the potato salad to life.

Creamy green bean and mayonnaise mixture in a bowl.

Add some extra veggies

Finally, you can add whatever other fresh veggies you fancy. I added some yellow pepper and some cherry tomatoes, which worked really well to add a hint of sweetness and juiciness.

Any other raw veg would work well too – sweetcorn, cucumber, grated carrot – Go ahead and throw in whatever veggies you enjoy eating raw.

Mix it all together, and you’ve got an insanely tasty green bean potato salad!

Creamy green bean potato salad in a mixing bowl.

Vegetarian BBQ

This is just the sort of potato salad that I’d love to serve at a BBQ. We vegetarians sometimes get overlooked at BBQs, where all the focus is on the meat, but a side dish like this can help to make even the most unexciting veggie burger feel a bit more special.

This green bean potato salad is so easy to make, and it’s perfect to make for guests, or to take along to a friend’s BBQ or potluck if you’re a guest yourself.

A platter of creamy potato salad.

Veggie-packed potato salad

My favourite thing about this green bean potato salad is just how full of vegetables it is!

You’ve got a whole load of green beans blitzed right into the dressing, and that’s before you’ve even added any extras.

It’s just the sort of healthy, tasty side dish that I love – plenty of veg, plenty of flavour.

Portion of vegetable and potato salad on a plate.

Get the recipe

This recipe is actually one I developed for Rex London last summer, so pop over there to find my green bean potato salad recipe (just one click!).

What other side dishes do you love to serve at your vegetarian BBQs?

Creamy potato salad with vegetables on a plate.

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  1. We had a barbecue with the family last weekend; although there was indeed plenty of meat (too much, really, but don’t tell my son-in-law I said that!), the highlight for me were skewers of new potatoes, halloumi and asparagus, drenched in olive oil. Those were seriously delicious!