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Irish boxties (potato pancakes)

Irish boxties (potato pancakes) /

Happy St Patrick’s Day! I’m not even remotely Irish, but half the world seems to think they are, so I figured some of you might enjoy having an Irish recipe today. Boxties are traditional Irish potato pancakes, and they’re really easy to make, and are also really versatile. You can either make them really big and flat and then wrap them around a filling of your choice, or make smaller ones like I did, to serve alongside something else.

(admission: the only reason I went for smaller ones is because I’m terrible at flipping big pancakes)

Irish boxties (potato pancakes) /

My fiancé and I went to Dublin a few years ago, and although I have a scarily poor memory, a few things stick in my mind: drinking far too much free Guinness at the brewery (I actually despise the stuff, but it was free, and I like free stuff), posing as guards in the sentry boxes outside Dublin Castle… and eating boxties. I had a big one wrapped around creamy garlic mushrooms, which was insane (in a good way). So if you decide to be braver than me and go for big boxties, I’d definitely recommend that as your filling.

Irish boxties (potato pancakes) /

Boxties contain mashed potato, which makes them soft and fluffy, as well as grated raw potato, which means they retain a bit of bite. It’s a great combination! Make sure you cook them for long enough to get that gorgeous crust – there’s nothing better than crispy potato!

So are you doing anything to celebrate St Patrick’s Day? I think a lot of people will have been celebrating over the weekend rather than today (how selfish it was to make a holiday fall on a Monday), but hopefully some of you will make this recipe as a more low-key acknowledgement of the day. Have a pint of Guinness alongside your boxties and you’ll be sorted.

For this traditional Irish recipe, head on over to Great British Chefs!

Irish boxties (potato pancakes) /

If you want another way to use your potatoes, try my slow cooker loaded baked potato soup:

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