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20 stocking fillers for foodies

Favourite stocking fillers for foodies


Do you guys still get stockings at Christmas? Despite now being a fully-fledged adult, I still get a stocking from my parents (no shame, it’s one of the best things about Christmas!). I guess it’s because my brothers and I are still the ‘babies’ of the family – none of us have kids of our own yet. However the contents have changed significantly since we were kids. Cheap toys and small things to keep us quiet through the day don’t quite cut it any more, so although our stocking now contain fewer gifts, they’re infinitely better. Basically any Christmas present that fits in the stocking gets put in there – along with an abundance of chocolates and other goodies to ensure the coming year’s dentist visits will be well-needed.

If you’re stuffing a stocking for a food lover this year (or just looking for things to request for your own!), here are some of my favourite stocking fillers for foodies.

Favourite stocking fillers for foodies

cup of gin mug – because ‘mmm… you can’t beat a nice cup of gin’ is quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen on a mug.

– porcelain double egg cup – I actually don’t even like boiled eggs, but if I did, I know I’d be the sort of person who ate two at a time.

– key bottle opener – you’ll never again be stuck with no way to get into your precious beer.

– ice shot glass mould – will they make your hands numb and melt all over your table? Probably. Do they look awesome? Absolutely.

Favourite stocking fillers for foodies

– small silver-trimmed Moroccan bowls – cutest little bowls ever! And so many colours!

– magnetic retro timer – I love anything in this retro style and I have major organisational issues – it’s meant to be!

– watering can cruet set – I have absolutely no need for these, yet somehow I must have them.

– gin and Titonic ice trays – I really think I need to start liking gin, there aren’t so many puns you can make about vodka.

Favourite stocking fillers for foodies – mouse cheese knife – get it? Mice eat cheese! Adorable.

– creature cups – truly horrifying, but I’d love to watch someone realise there’s a lobster in their tea.

– love tea towel – the problem about doing so much cooking is that it creates an awful lot of washing up.

– neat hip flask – you’re drinking something neat, which is totally neat. That’s my kind of pun.

Favourite stocking fillers for foodies

– measuring spoon set – a must-have for all cooks, and I love this cute, simple version.

– handmade rectangular bakers – love these tiny dishes! And they’re really reasonably priced!

– Italian spaghetti measurer – because who doesn’t want to feel like a gangster while cooking spaghetti?

ceramic teapot spout hook – for the tea-loving cook in your life.

Favourite stocking fillers for foodies

alphabet wine bottle stoppers – so everyone knows not to drink your wine!

herb scissors – to help you cut herbs super finely, super quickly.

– ceramic bird sugar bowl – because it’s just adorable.

– personalised cook’s notebook – for scribbling down recipes before they get lost forever.

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