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Thai green curry spinach soup

Thai green curry spinach soup

You know how you can sometimes tell that something is full of nutrients just from the way it tastes? And I don’t mean in a bad way, like those nutritious protein drinks that are actually just powdered vitamins masquerading as a milkshake (you’re not fooling anyone, shake), I mean something that tastes incredible, but you know you’re doing some good for your body at the same time. Like this spinach soup – you feel virtuous right from the first bite. In fact it’s so packed with spinach that if you thickened it up a little, you could even serve it as more of a curry with some rice, rather than as a soup.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this soup is a bit indulgent too. It’s seriously rich and creamy (coconut milk to the rescue again! Definitely helping to reduce my dairy cravings), but I’m going to forgive myself for that, because it was so good. And I love to keep reminding myself that you need fat in your diet, and therefore we must also need coconut milk… right? Lots and lots of delicious coconut milk.

Thai green curry spinach soup

Of course, if you do want to lighten up this soup a little, firstly, who are you and what are you doing here? And secondly, you could always alter the ratio of coconut milk : stock a little. It won’t taste as luxurious, but it will still be tasty.

I usually stick to red Thai curries (see: aubergine and sweet potato red Thai curry; red Thai curry noodle soup), so this green version was a nice change. It’s a bit milder in flavour than red curry paste, which is why it went so well with the mildly-flavoured spinach in this soup.

Make sure you find a vegetarian curry paste, by the way – a lot of them contain fish sauce. I use Asda’s own brand but I’m sure there are other ones available too.

Thai green curry spinach soup

Thai green curry spinach soup
Recipe Type: Soup
Author: Becca @ Amuse Your Bouche
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 2
    • 1tbsp oil
    • 1 onion, halved then sliced
    • 2 cloves garlic, minced
    • 1 small red chilli, deseeded and finely chopped
    • 2tbsp Thai green curry paste
    • 300g fresh spinach, roughly chopped
    • 300ml tinned coconut milk
    • 300ml vegetable stock
    • Black pepper
    • 150g cooked chickpeas
    • Juice of half a lime
  • 2tbsp fresh coriander, chopped
  1. Heat the oil in a large pan or wok, and add the onion, garlic and red chilli. Cook over a medium-low heat for around 5 minutes, until soft and just beginning to colour. Add the curry paste, and cook for one more minute before adding the chopped spinach, coconut milk, stock and chickpeas. Season well, and simmer for a few minutes until everything is piping hot and the soup has reduced a little. Add the lime juice and fresh coriander, and serve warm.

Thai green curry spinach soup

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Sunday 5th of August 2018

This recipe is absolutely amazing, I especially make this when i get home late as its so quick and easy. Will be making more of your recipes


Monday 14th of September 2015

Ooh looking forward to making this but I am going to sub the spinach for kale. Will come back to let ya know how it goes

Becca @ Amuse Your Bouche

Tuesday 15th of September 2015

Sounds great, let me know how you get on! :)


Tuesday 14th of October 2014

I made this tonight - delicious! And so easy! I'm pretty sure we will be frequently making this soup this fall/winter. Thanks!


Wednesday 26th of March 2014

Yum! I used chicken broth and frozen spinach, otherwise was true to your instructions. The soup was wonderful with our banh mi for supper! Many thanks!


Tuesday 25th of March 2014

This was delicious, I thought it tasted better the second day. I used chicken broth instead and that worked well too. I think next time I'll add chicken to it so its more filling. Thanks for sharing!