Quinoa egg fried ‘rice’

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Quinoa egg fried 'rice'

Today I’m going to send you over to Cooking Quinoa because the lovely Wendy had me over to guest post yesterday. This lady has an entire website devoted to quinoa – and before you fall into the trap of thinking that all of her recipes must be quite similar, take a look at her quinoa baked apples, quinoa chickpea crackers, or zucchini quinoa patties, and you’ll see just how versatile quinoa can be. Obviously I’m nowhere near as experienced in cooking with quinoa as Wendy is, nor am I as imaginative, so I stuck with what I know best, and made a really simple vegetarian quinoa recipe – quinoa egg fried ‘rice’. I suppose it should really just be called ‘egg fried quinoa’, but that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

(I never knew I could say the word ‘quinoa’ so many times in one short paragraph. And now it has lost all meaning. Is it really a word? It was weird to begin with but now I’m sure it doesn’t exist.)

Quinoa egg fried 'rice'

I really enjoy normal egg fried rice, but I definitely liked this quinoa version even more – quinoa has a softer, fluffier texture that made this dish feel like serious comfort food, even though quinoa is actually healthier than rice in many ways. As a vegetarian, I have to be conscious of how I’m getting my protein, so it’s great to find an ingredient that provides a good amount of protein without you even realising it!

Switch this recipe up however you like – I actually find that those big bags of mixed frozen vegetables are perfect for recipes like this. Mine contained corn, baby carrots, green beans and peas, and then I also added some fresh mushrooms, onion, and some extra corn that I had lying around. Drenched in soy sauce, the simple mixture of vegetables, quinoa and egg makes a really tasty, filling lunch.

Quinoa egg fried 'rice'

By the way, I totally didn’t eat with those chopsticks. I’m a big phoney. I did try for about twelve seconds and then remembered that I can’t use chopsticks.

For the recipe, head on over to Cooking Quinoa and make sure you take a look at some of Wendy’s other great quinoa recipes!

Quinoa egg fried 'rice'

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  1. This is delicious! I’ve been looking for healthier ways to eat quinoa so your website is awesome. But I am so in love with this recipe now. Yum!