I’m now on Pinterest! I know, I’m months behind everyone else. I was trying not to get sucked in but… well, now I’m in. My boards aren’t particularly organised yet, but I might make some more categories later.
What’s that? You’ve noticed that most of the recipes I’ve pinned involve cheese? Or fried stuff? And there are even one or two recipes for fried cheese? Oh, shush. There’s a salad on there too, so it all evens out.
Anyway: please follow my boards on Pinterest!
Here’s a recipe that doesn’t involve cheese, and it’s only sort of fried. It barely even counts as fried. Really.
As you can see, we ate these burgers in crusty buns with salad, but honestly the burgers went better with the salad (and heaps of mayo and ketchup) than with the bread. Don’t get me wrong, they were great in buns, but I think they’d be even better just broken up over a salad.
The problem I’ve had with making veggie burgers in the past is that they often contain flour, and it can be hard to get rid of the horrible taste of uncooked flour if you’re just cooking them in a pan. These don’t have any flour inside (only for the coating), so as long as you heat them through they’ll taste great.

Easy chickpea burgers

Makes 4-5 patties

400g tin cannellini beans (240g drained)
400g tin chickpeas (240g drained)
2tsp paprika
1tsp garlic powder
black pepper
2tbsp breadcrumbs
2tbsp wholemeal flour
2tbsp sunflower oil

With a fork of food processer, mash the drained cannellini beans until not quite smooth. Add all the other ingredients apart from the flour and oil.

Form the mixture into 4-5 burger shapes.

Spread out the flour on a plate, and lightly coat each burger.

Heat the oil in a large frying pan, and then add the burger patties. Lower the heat, and cook slowly for 10 minutes, turning halfway or when the underside is browned.

Serve in burger rolls with all the trimmings, or crumbled over a salad.