27 Vegetarian Lentil Recipes

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A bumper collection of vegetarian lentil recipes, including pasta, burgers, curries, and lots more!

Collage of vegetarian lentil recipes.

If you read my previous post about how to cook lentils, you’re hopefully excited to get going on cooking up some amazing vegetarian lentil recipes! So here’s plenty of inspiration for you.

Lentils are one of my favourite ingredients to use in my cooking – they’re full of fibre, protein and iron, and they’re an easy, cheap and delicious way to make hearty, comforting meals.

(how many more complimentary descriptors can I fit in one sentence? Meh, the lentils deserve it)

I’ve organised these recipes depending on what type of lentil they use – red lentils, green or brown lentils, or tinned lentils. With some of the recipes, you may be able to substitute for a different kind of lentil, but if you have any questions, please do just ask in the comments section on the relevant blog post!

Here goes…

27 vegetarian lentil recipes

Recipes using red lentils

Cheesy lentil and veggie slice on a plate.

Cheesy lentil and veggie slice (pictured above)
Vegetarian Scotch eggs
Very veggie lentil bake
Easy tarka dal (vegan red lentil curry)
Seriously easy red lentil soup

High protein lentil tortillas topped with salad.

High protein lentil tortillas (pictured above)
Spinach and ricotta lentil slice
Cheese and onion lentil rolls
Smoky coconut and butternut squash soup [vegan]

Portion of vegetarian moussaka with rocket.

Vegetarian moussaka (pictured above)
Instant Pot very veggie lentil bake
Cheesy potato and lentil pie
Mini cheesy lentil loaves

Creamy roasted carrot dal topped with roasted carrot sticks.

Creamy roasted carrot dal [vegan] (pictured above)
Goat’s cheese and potato lentil gratin
Cheesy lentil slice
Lentil pizza

Recipes using green or brown lentils

Lentil and quinoa tacos on a board.

Slow cooker lentil and quinoa tacos [vegan] (pictured above)
Creamy dill and caper lentils with griddled halloumi
Puy lentil lasagne with creamy goat’s cheese sauce

Portion of smoky lentil carbonara in a bowl.

Smoky lentil carbonara (pictured above)
Lentil and mushroom stew with Branston pickle [vegan]
Vegetarian lentil sausage rolls [vegan]

Creamy lentil and aubergine stack.

Creamy lentil and aubergine stack (pictured above)
Easy lentil and halloumi curry
Mediterranean lentil meatballs [vegan]

Recipes using tinned lentils

Cheesy lentil burgers in a bun with lettuce and tomato.

Cheesy lentil burgers (pictured above)
Warm lentil and halloumi salad

Walnut and bean bolognese sauce on spaghetti.

Walnut and bean bolognese [vegan] (pictured above)
Black bean and lentil vegetarian koftas [vegan]

I hope these vegetarian lentil recipes have inspired you to get cooking! What’s your favourite lentil recipe?

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  1. I’m in the U.S. and as far as I know there aren’t any canned lentils. All the ones I’ve seen are dry, which I prefer. And there aren’t very many colors. The brown ones are common at Walmart where I live, the state of Utah.
    Just recently the Walmart where I live got the red lentils (I was so excited!). Anyway, my question is what lentil to use in place of canned?