31 vegetarian chickpea recipes. The mother lode!

I looove chickpeas. I tend to use the tinned version, which means they’re really handy for throwing into dishes to add a bit of protein – the fact that they don’t have a huge amount of flavour on their own means they’ll go with just about anything. Make them Indian, make them Italian, throw them in a soup, mash them up, throw them in the air a few times – whatever you do you’ll end up with something great.

Since I pretty much use chickpeas in everything, I thought it was about time I collected all my chickpea recipes into one place for you. Well, not all of them, or we’d be here forever. I’ve just chosen my favourites, along with some extras from some other awesome food bloggers.

So, here you have it – 31 amazing vegetarian chickpea recipes! Feel free to share your own favourites in the comments, there’s no such thing as too many chickpea recipes.

Pizza roasted chickpeas

Pizza roasted chickpeas (pictured above)
Lemon and feta chickpea meatballs
Garlic mushroom bulgur with chickpeas
Rustic chickpea soup from Recipes From A Pantry [vegan]
Middle Eastern spiced campfire chickpeas from Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary [vegan]
Hummus with peanut butter from Fab Food 4 All [vegan]

Cheesy chickpea cake

Cheesy chickpea cake (pictured above)
Coronation chickpeas
Spinach and ricotta strudel with chickpeas
Warm mixed vegetable, chickpea and halloumi salad from Utterly Scrummy Food For Families
Chickpea soup with garlic, sumac, olive oil and lemon from Kalyn’s Kitchen [vegan]

Easy chickpea biryani

Easy chickpea biryani (pictured above) [vegan]
Garlicky quinoa bowls with broccoli and chickpeas [vegan]
Sweet potato and lime hummus from Maison Cupcake [vegan]
Chickpea curry from Mamta’s Kitchen [vegan]
Hearty chickpea and sweet potato stew from Tinned Tomatoes [vegan]
Moroccan roasted vegetable pilaf with chickpeas from Eats Well With Others [vegan]

Kale and tomato brown rice bowls

Kale and tomato brown rice bowls (pictured above)
Roasted vegetable chickpea pâté [vegan]
Double decker chickpea tacos
Moroccan roasted spaghetti squash with pan-fried chickpeas, capers and kale
 from Food To Glow [vegan]
Chickpeas and dumplings from Oh My Veggies
Roasted portobello and chickpea burritos with chimichurri sauce from The Roasted Root [vegan]

Easy roasted vegetable ratatouille with chickpeas

Easy roasted vegetable ratatouille with chickpeas (pictured above) [vegan]
Nacho roasted chickpeas
Quick falafel [vegan]
Warm caramelised onion and chickpea spread from An Edible Mosaic
Cajun chickpea sweet potato burgers from Peas and Crayons [vegan]
Hummus gazpacho from Kitchen Treaty [vegan]
Chickpea omelette from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen [vegan]

Let me know your favourites in the comments, and remember to share any extras with me too!

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