40+ Vegetarian Tex-Mex Recipes

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A collage of vegetarian Tex-Mex recipes

When I say that Mexican is one of my favourite cuisines, I suppose I’m really talking about Tex-Mex food – nothing particularly authentic, just flour tortillas, lots of spicy veggies, beans and cheese (oohhhh, the cheese). You really can’t go far wrong. I know you guys love Tex-Mex recipes too – some of my most popular recipes on this site are Mexican-inspired. So here’s some more inspiration! 40+ of my favourite vegetarian Tex-Mex recipes, from Amuse Your Bouche and beyond.

Vegetarian chilli in a bowl topped with cheese

Slow cooker three bean enchilada chilli [vegan] (pictured above)
Cheesy Tex-Mex tortilla roll-ups
Nacho pasta bake
Mexican baked eggs
One pot quinoa chilli from Thinly Spread [vegan]
Mexican style bean ball tacos from Emily’s Recipes and Reviews

Refried bean enchiladas with jalapeno cheese sauce in a baking dish with a piece removed

Refried bean enchiladas with jalapeno cheese sauce (pictured above)
Slow cooker burrito bowls
One pot vegetarian chilli mac
Radish and lime salsa from Supper In The Suburbs [vegan]
‘Tofish’ vegan tacos from VeggieLAD [vegan]

Roasted black bean taco salad with tomatoes and avocado in a bowl

Roasted black bean taco salad with avocado lime dressing [vegan] (pictured above)
Mexican black bean stuffed potatoes
Veggie fajita bowls with halloumi
Mexican torta with refried beans and guacamole
Easy vegetarian enchiladas with Quorn and refried beans from Thinly Spread

Mexican vegetarian lasagne in a baking dish with a slice removed

Mexican bean lasagne (pictured above)
Vegetarian nacho burgers with nacho cheese sauce
Mexican black bean casserole
Restaurant-style black beans [vegan]
Quesadilla waffles with Mexican bean salad from Foodie Quine

Nacho roasted chickpeas in a bowl with tortilla chips and avocado

Cheesy nacho roasted chickpeas (pictured above)
Mexican bean vegetarian pate [vegan]
Vegetarian enchiladas for one
Slow cooker Mexican casserole
Refried bean tacos with avocado cream from Foodie Quine [vegan]

BBQ bean burritos wrapped in foil, served in a bowl with tortilla chips

BBQ bean burritos (pictured above)
Kidney bean and sweet potato chilli [vegan]
Mexican pulled jackfruit from Emily’s Recipes and Reviews [vegan]
Speedy chilli bean burritos from The Veg Space
Mexican chilli beans with homemade tortilla chips from Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary

Vegetarian Tex-Mex cheesesteak sandwiches (pictured above)
Mexican taco bowls with mixed bean salsa from The Petite Cook [vegan]
Mexican grilled chipotle salad in tortilla bowls from Veggie Desserts
Roasted sweet potato and mixed bean wraps from Coffee & Vanilla
Black bean and avocado tacos from The Veg Space [vegan]

Quinoa and roasted chickpea vegan burrito bowls with avocado and roasted tomatoes

Quinoa and roasted chickpea vegan burrito bowls [vegan] (pictured above)
Easy vegetarian migas
Black bean and walnut taco-style lettuce wraps [vegan]
Slow cooker three bean chilli from Recipes From A Pantry [vegan]
Mexican sweet potato and puy lentil mole from Tinned Tomatoes [vegan]
Spinach polenta triangles with refried beans from Tin and Thyme [vegan]

There you have it! More than 40 vegetarian Tex-Mex recipes. Enjoy!

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  1. What a great collection Becca! I would love to try every single one of them and wouldn’t really mind to eat veggie Tex-Mex dishes all the time… Those cheesesteak sandwiches look amazing!!

  2. Yes, I tend to think of Mexican as this sort of food when as you say it’s really Tex-Mex. It’s also jolly delicious. Great to have so many recipes here to choose from.

  3. Oh my, you are spoiling us… *drools*

    I love Tex-Mex, I just wish I didn’t have to cool food down for everyone else in the house! It challenges me in a good way though, making sure my food is tasty enough without the heat.

    I still haven’t got into the whole burrito bowl thing. I will try it, just eventually…

  4. This is gold! I love Mexican food so reading this post made me really excited. Will try the Mexican torta with refried beans and guacamole recipe tonight. So far, I am loving the Vegetarian nacho burgers with nacho cheese sauce. Thank you for sharing this. I guess we’re having Mex food until next week.

  5. With all these awesome recipes I feel like doing a TexMex theme party and have a bunch of food! I mean, they all just look so good. What a nice collection of recipes. Thanks for sharing!