40 vegetarian picnic recipes

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40 vegetarian picnic recipes - loads of ideas that are perfect for picnics and BBQs!

I told you the other day that the sun had finally decided to arrive to welcome in the summer. Well, in typical British fashion, that lasted all of… two days? Maybe two and a half? Whatever it was, it wasn’t long – I’m currently looking out a big window at a very, very wet and soggy lawn.

But, us Brits are a hardy people, and a lack of sunshine doesn’t stop us from going outside (I have literally sunbathed on a windy, cold beach wearing a cardigan before… there was very little tan to be found afterwards). BBQs, beer gardens and picnics are what summer is all about – why eat inside when you could be outside enjoying the fresh (but hopefully not too fresh) air?

Although it will probably be about another month or so before the sun will appear here again, most of you will be seeing it already. And if you live somewhere where the weather is a bit more reliable, I’m sure you will be having more picnics than me this summer. But, I’m sure that even us Brits will be able to get outside at least a few times, so we will all have a use for these vegetarian picnic recipes, which I’ve gathered together from my own collection, and from some of my favourite food blogs.

All of these recipes can be enjoyed cold (perfect for popping in a tub and taking to the park!) and eaten with just fingers and a plastic fork. Mix and match them as you wish – a slice of quiche with a couple of salads, served with some crisps and dip, would go down a treat. Enjoy!

Mushroom and gruyere tart

Tarts and quiches

Mushroom and gruyère tart (pictured above)
Ricotta and tomato tart
Roasted vegetable quiche with Yorkshire pudding crust
Asparagus, basil and cream cheese tart from Kitchen Treaty
Red quinoa quiche from Bev Cooks
Asparagus, spinach and feta quiche from Two Peas and Their Pod
Sun-dried tomato, mushroom and spinach tofu quiche from Oh She Glows [vegan]

Tortellini Caesar salad

Pasta and bean-based salads

Tortellini Caesar salad (pictured above)
Greek chickpea salad (pictured top)
Veggie pasta with artichokes and asparagus [vegan]
Lemony walnut chickpea salad with goat’s cheese
Avocado chickpea salad [vegan]
Lemony chickpea and herb wheat berry salad from An Edible Mosaic [vegan]
Pasta tapenade from The Veg Life [vegan]
Sunflower pesto tabbouleh with radishes from One Ingredient Chef [vegan]
Lentil salad with herbed goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette from An Edible Mosaic

Other salads

Pineapple coleslaw
Greek salad from Cooking Classy
Kale salad with strawberries, goat cheese and strawberry-mint vinaigrette from The Roasted Root
Thai style broccoli salad with sweet chili lime dressing from GI 365 [vegan]
Quinoa confetti salad with sugar snap peas and toasted pepitas from Kitchen Treaty [vegan]
Blue cheese coleslaw from Cooking Classy

Dips and spreads

Goat’s cheese guacamole (pictured above)
Walnut and roasted garlic chickpea pâté [vegan]
Sour cream and onion dip with feta
Pimento cheese style hummus from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen [vegan]
Roasted red pepper dip with feta and mint from Kalyn’s Kitchen
7 layer dip from One Ingredient Chef [vegan]
Avocado corn salsa from Damn Delicious [vegan]

Other vegetarian picnic treats

Lentil sausage rolls (pictured above)
Parmesan baked fava bean chips
Veggie pot pie pasties
Parmesan biscuits
Baked root vegetable chips from Oh My Veggies [vegan]
Homemade potato chips from Tide and Thyme [vegan]
Sweet potato and millet falafel from Oh My Veggies [vegan]
Cheesy baked cauliflower tots from Kalyn’s Kitchen
Salted caramel granola bars from Oh My Veggies [vegan]

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  1. Just what i was looking for, the sun is around and the kids love picnics. The Sour cream and onion dip with feta looks amazing.

  2. that mushroom tart…. drooool! What a great list of veggie foods, I might tackle my way through them all!