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50 vegetarian Christmas dinner recipes

A bumper collection of 50 delicious vegetarian Christmas dinner ideas, that can all be served alongside your favourite roast potatoes, vegetable side dishes, and gravy!

It can sometimes be a bit tricky to come up with a vegetarian Christmas dinner idea that’s (first and foremost) delicious, and that’s special enough for The Big Day. I often end up going for a ‘fake meat’ product, which I enjoy, but it’s not that exciting. If you feel like getting more creative on Christmas Day, here are 50 of my favourite vegetarian Christmas dinner ideas!

When I ask about vegetarian Christmases, I often hear people suggesting things like tomatoey pasta – which is delicious and all, but in my opinion, that’s not Christmas dinner. You can’t have roast potatoes and gravy alongside tomatoey pasta (though if you do, you’re kind of my hero). So I’ve made a special effort to make sure that all of the following recipes will go perfectly with the usual roast potatoes, vegetables and (copious amounts of) gravy – there’s no need to stick out like a sore thumb alongside the meat-eaters, and you can still have all the trimmings!

So here goes – let me know which of these vegetarian Christmas dinner recipes is your favourite and whether you’re planning on making any of them this year!

(by the way, I’ve marked on which recipes are explicitly vegan, but keep in mind that lots of the other ones could also be made vegan with just one or two really easy substitutions!)


Lentil-based recipes

Goat’s cheese and potato lentil gratin (pictured above)
Cheese and onion lentil rolls
Spinach and ricotta lentil slice
Mini cheesy lentil loaves

Creamy lentil and aubergine stack (pictured above)
Cheesy potato and lentil pie
Cheesy lentil slice
Cheesy pumpkin lentil pot pies

Bean-based recipes

Carrot and white bean veggie cutlets (pictured above)
Chestnut and chickpea roast
Smoked cheese and bean vegetarian sausages
Vegetarian ‘fishcakes’

Cheesy bean roast (pictured above)
Mushroom and kidney bean koftas [vegan]
Cheesy carrot nut roast
Bean and vegetable crumble with cheesy pesto topping
Cheesy chickpea cake

Mushroom-based recipes

Mushroom stroganoff pie (pictured above)
Mushroom and gruyere tart
Mini mushroom picnic pies
Mushroom and chestnut pie

Cheesy garlic mushroom cake (pictured above)
Mushroom and walnut stew with cheesy cobbler topping
Kale and mushroom savoury baklava
Mushroom and brie stuffed Yorkshire puddings

Vegetable-based recipes

Vegetable toad in the hole (pictured above)
Very veggie oat bars
Cheesy aubergine stacks
Herby risotto stuffed peppers
Pesto crusted aubergine [vegan]

Vegetable cobbler (pictured above)
Pesto and ricotta aubergine parcels
Caprese stuffed aubergines
Stuffed aubergines with spinach rice and halloumi

Pastry-based recipes

Roasted veggie en croute (pictured above)
Cheese and onion plait
Spanakopita pot pie
Smoked cheddar, walnut and broccoli tarts

Creamy vegetable and halloumi pie (pictured above)
Vegetarian haggis and mushroom wellington [vegan]
Easy mushroom and goat’s cheese wellingtons
Homity pie bites

Thai butternut squash filo spirals [vegan] (pictured above)
Roasted aubergine and ricotta tart
Cauliflower cheese tart
Easy 5 ingredient pesto tomato tart

Other recipes

Honey and mustard sticky sausages (pictured above)
Sage and onion homemade seitan roast [vegan]
Homemade cheese and onion crisp bakes
Leek and feta croquettes

…and that’s it! I hope I’ve inspired your vegetarian Christmas dinner this year with plenty of ideas!

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