51 crazy easy vegetarian dinners - if you can't even fry and egg or toast a slice of bread, this is the place for you! These recipes couldn't be easier.

I’m sure a lot of you can cook beautifully, but I’m also sure that some of you are a little more lacking in your cooking abilities. If you can’t even fry an egg or toast a slice of bread, this is the place for you. When I was first learning to cook, I would have loved a collection of recipes like this – easy vegetarian dinners that are pretty much impossible to get wrong, so you can feel like you’ve cooked something a little bit special without actually needing to have any skill whatsoever.

So, I thought I’d put together this list for those of you who aren’t particularly confident cooks. These recipes involve chopping vegetables, putting them in the oven, maybe stirring things a bit… things that anyone can manage. Since you newbie cooks probably don’t have a kitchen stocked with dozens of weird appliances, I’ve also tried to make sure that you won’t need any fancy equipment – the most you’ll need is a blender or food processor, but a lot of the recipes don’t even need that.

So, here goes! The motherlode: 51 crazy easy vegetarian dinners. Enjoy!


(‘veg + liquid = food’ type dinners)

15 minute tomato soup

15 minute tomato soup with basil pine nut crumb (pictured above)
Thai green curry spinach soup [vegan]
Minestrone soup
 from Supergolden Bakes
Green veggies minestrone from Jen’s Food [vegan]
Tuscan bean soup from The Wanderlust Kitchen [vegan]
Italian orzo tomato spinach soup from Little Spice Jar [vegan]
Butternut squash and sweet potato soup from Making Thyme For Health [vegan]
Kale and cannellini bean soup from May I Have That Recipe? [vegan]

Stove-top dinners

(‘just throw some stuff in a pan’ type dinners)

Cheater's 15 minute mushroom risotto

Cheater’s 15 minute mushroom risotto (pictured above)
Butternut squash and black bean skillet
Sticky honey soy aubergine
Veggie chow mein [vegan]
Restaurant-style black beans [vegan]
Puy lentils with cannellini beans and garlicky leeks [vegan]
Quorn, broccoli and noodle stir fry
 from A Mummy Too
Easy vegetarian chilli from The Endless Meal [vegan]


(‘cook some veggies in a pan with spices and sauce’ type dinners)

Easy Sri Lankan curry

Easy Sri Lankan curry with toasted chickpeas (pictured above) [vegan]
Aubergine red Thai curry noodle bowls [vegan]
Weeknight tikka masala
Peanut butter chickpea curry [vegan]
Mushroom, spinach and chickpea curry
 from Fab Food 4 All [vegan]
Chickpea and potato curry from Franglais Kitchen [vegan]
Lentil, sweet potato and coconut curry from Detoxinista [vegan]


(‘pasta + anything’ type dinners)

Lemon and artichoke pasta

Lemon and artichoke pasta (pictured above)
15 minute creamy pasta primavera
Easy macaroni cheese with brown butter leeks
Veggie pasta with asparagus and artichokes [vegan]
Garlic and wild rocket pasta
 from Recipes From A Pantry [vegan]
Greek spaghetti with roasted tomatoes, feta and olives from Hungry Healthy Happy
Red pepper and chard pesto pasta from Baking Queen 74 [vegan]
Tomato and basil pasta from Lovely Appetite [vegan]


(‘just mix some yummy bits together’ type dinners)

Black bean and walnut taco-style lettuce wraps

Black bean and walnut taco-style lettuce wraps (pictured above) [vegan]
Artichoke and feta quinoa salad
Tortellini Caesar salad
Brazilian-style black bean salad
 from Food To Glow [vegan]
Sautéed chickpea salad with roasted peppers and mint from Kalyn’s Kitchen [vegan]
Sweet potato, rocket and pomegranate salad from Natural Kitchen Adventures [vegan]

Oven bakes

(‘throw some stuff in the oven’ type dinners)

Pizza baked gnocchi

Pizza baked gnocchi (pictured above)
Easy roasted vegetable ratatouille with chickpeas
Vegetarian enchiladas for one
Pizza roasted chickpeas
Butternut squash and blue cheese bake from Kavey Eats
Roast vegetable, sausage and chickpea bake from Tinned Tomatoes [vegan]
Garlic bread and tomato bake from Farmersgirl Kitchen

Other easy vegetarian dinners

(…basically anything that didn’t fit nicely into a category)

Kale and avocado burritos

Kale and avocado burritos (pictured above) [vegan]
Crock-Pot mushroom stroganoff
Low-carb cauliflower pizza
Slow cooker veggie fajitas
Slow cooker saag aloo [vegan]
Creamy courgette puff pastry tart from Family Friends Food
Greek quesadillas

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