51 Seriously Easy Vegetarian Dinners

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51 seriously easy vegetarian dinners – a huge collection of my simplest dinner recipes. If you can barely fry an egg or toast a slice of bread, this is the place for you!

Collage showing easy vegetarian dinners.

When I was first learning to cook, I would have loved a collection of recipes like this – easy vegetarian dinners that are pretty much impossible to get wrong. You can feel like you’ve cooked something a little bit special… without actually needing to have any skill whatsoever.

I’m sure a lot of you can cook beautifully, but I’m also sure that some of you are a little more lacking in your cooking abilities (that’s why you’ve come to a website with the word ‘Easy’ in the title!). So if your cooking ability only stretches as far as frying an egg or toasting a slice of bread, these seriously easy vegetarian dinner recipes are just what you need. And even if you’re an excellent cook, I’m sure you still want a super easy dinner once in a while.

These recipes involve chopping vegetables, putting them in the oven, maybe stirring things a bit… things that anyone can manage. Since newbie cooks probably don’t have a kitchen stocked with dozens of weird appliances, I’ve also tried to make sure that if you don’t have any fancy equipment, you’ll still find plenty here to cook.

A few of these recipes need a blender or food processor, and there are a few slow cooker recipes too, but most of the recipes in this collection use only the very basics – pans, baking trays, that sort of stuff.

So, here goes! The motherlode: 51 seriously easy vegetarian dinners. Enjoy!

Seriously easy vegetarian dinners

Collage showing cheesy slow cooker lentils, BBQ chickpea pizza, and easy falafel curry.

Cheesy slow cooker lentils – just throw everything into the slow cooker, and you’re done!

BBQ chickpea pizza – I used a pre-made pizza base to make this really low effort dinner.

Easy falafel curry [vegan] – shop-bought falafel are really livened up with a super simple curry sauce.

Collage showing Tuscan beans, enchilada noodles, and mushroom stroganoff.

15 minute Tuscan beans – just mix some tasty bits in a pan, and dinner is ready in minutes!

Enchilada noodles – I love this super simple fusion recipe (use shop-bought enchilada sauce to make it even easier!).

15 minute mushroom stroganoff – just cook some mushrooms and add a couple of simple ingredients to transform them into a creamy stroganoff.

Collage showing cheesy veggie fritters, veggie chow mein, and lentil and halloumi curry.

Cheesy veggie fritters – if you can master fritters, you’ve got an easy go-to dinner that can use pretty much any veg!

Veggie chow mein – a really simple Chinese-style noodle dish, made in minutes.

Easy lentil and halloumi curry – you only need a few everyday spices to make this easy curry.

Collage showing slow cooker chickpea curry, baked bean pizza, and bean and potato bake.

Slow cooker coconut chickpea curry [vegan] – just throw your ingredients into the slow cooker and it will cook itself!

Baked bean pizza – a childhood favourite that’s super easy to make.

Mexican bean and potato bake – if you can roast vegetables, you can make this easy bean and potato bake!

Collage showing carrot dal, halloumi piccata, and avocado and halloumi wraps.

Creamy roasted carrot dal [vegan] – a super creamy lentil recipe that’s far tastier than it has any right to be!

Halloumi piccata – super simple, with absolutely heaps of flavour. I like mine with tagliatelle!

Avocado and halloumi wraps – a quick and easy lunch or dinner option.

Collage showing vegan jambalaya, burrito bowls, and chickpea curry.

One pot vegan jambalaya [vegan] – plenty of vegetables, beans and rice, all cooked up together in just one pan.

Veggie burrito bowls – begin with the simple rice and bean mixture, and add your favourite toppings.

15 minute creamy chickpea curry – made with simple ingredients, in no time at all.

Collage showing vegan mushroom soup, cheesy lentil pasta, and Greek quesadillas.

Vegan cream of mushroom soup [vegan] – this easy soup has a secret ingredient that makes it ultra creamy!

Cheesy lentil pasta – one of my favourite easy vegetarian dinners, made with just 6 store cupboard ingredients! I make this almost every week for my kids.

Greek quesadillas – A quick and easy lunch, switched up with my favourite Greek flavours.

Collage showing lentil tacos, sweet potato curry, and self-crusting quiche.

Slow cooker lentil and quinoa tacos [vegan] – an easy lentil mixture cooked in the slow cooker, which is perfect served in tacos with plenty of toppings!

Sweet potato and lentil Thai curry [vegan] – this curry uses a good dollop of Thai curry paste, so it’s super easy to make.

Spinach and goat’s cheese self-crusting quiche – far easier to make than it looks! There’s no fiddly pastry to work with, just a simple egg mixture that forms its own crust.

Collage showing slow cooker ratatouille, vegetable stroganoff, and black bean chilli.

Slow cooker ratatouille [vegan] – this recipe cooks itself in the slow cooker, and is perfect served with pasta.

20 minute vegetable stroganoff – an easy vegetarian stroganoff recipe for mushroom haters!

Mushroom and black bean chilli [vegan] – one of the simplest chillies I’ve ever made, this one’s so straightforward.

Collage showing red Thai curry, tomato and mascarpone pasta, and Chinese curry.

Aubergine and sweet potato red Thai curry – Thai curries feel fancy, but the Thai curry paste makes them so simple to make.

15 minute tomato and mascarpone pasta – creamy tomato pasta, on the table in 15 minutes!

Easy chip shop Chinese curry [vegan] – the type of Chinese curry you’d get in a proper British chip shop!

Collage showing vegetable casserole, cheesy lentil burgers, and sausage pasta.

One pot rice and vegetable casserole – just pop your veggies, rice and beans in the oven to make this hearty casserole.

Cheesy lentil burgers – no pre-cooking needed, just mix together a few ingredients, and form into burger shapes, ready for baking. These are foolproof!

Vegan curried sausage pasta [vegan] – a simple pasta dish made with beautiful curried sausages.

Collage showing chickpea bake, egg fu yung, and creamy white beans.

Creamy chickpea bake – this could not be easier. The sauce only has one ingredient!

Vegetarian egg fu yung – one of my favourite Chinese recipes, made in 20 minutes with whatever vegetables you have on hand.

Creamy white beans with goat’s cheese – an easy stovetop dinner that can be adjusted to suit what you have in the fridge.

Collage showing mushroom bourguignon, mushroom pasta, and halloumi fajitas.

Mushroom bourguignon [vegan] – this hearty stew looks so impressive, but is unbelievably easy to make!

Creamy garlic mushroom tagliatelle – a simple creamy pasta dish, ready in 15 minutes.

Sheet pan halloumi fajitas – just pop a pan of veggies and halloumi in the oven, and it’s ready to scoop into warm tortillas!

Collage showing chickpea tagine, halloumi chilli, and vegetarian savoury mince.

Sweet potato and chickpea slow cooker tagine [vegan] – a beautifully spiced tagine that cooks itself in the slow cooker.

Black bean and halloumi chilli – just mix together various veggies and beans to make this simple vegetarian chilli.

Vegetarian savoury mince [vegan] – a British classic, this savoury mince uses a super simple homemade vegetarian mince.

Collage showing chickpea curry and rice bake, vegetarian doner kebab, and baked ratatouille.

One pan chickpea curry and rice bake [vegan] – just mix together all the raw ingredients (even uncooked rice!), and bake. That’s all there is to it.

Vegetarian doner kebab – this one’s more of an assembly job really, with fresh veggies, grilled halloumi and crispy fries inside a soft pitta wrap.

Easy roasted vegetable ratatouille with chickpeas [vegan] – ratatouille made easy, by baking it in the oven in one pan!

Collage showing bean bolognese, tofu meatballs, and chickpea wraps.

Walnut and bean bolognese [vegan] – just blitz up a simple homemade mince, and your bean bolognese is almost finished!

Cheesy tofu meatballs – I love how easy these tofu meatballs are to make, and they’re perfect for converting tofu haters.

Spicy roasted chickpea wraps [vegan] – crispy roasted chickpeas, served in a wrap with plenty of crunchy, fresh veg. Easy and delicious.

Collage showing chilli and rice bake, lentil and mushroom stew, and gnocchi primavera.

One pot vegetarian chilli and rice bake – another ‘mix and bake’ recipe – this type of recipe really couldn’t be easier!

Lentil and mushroom stew with Branston pickle [vegan] – just cook everything together in a big pot to make this simple vegan stew.

Creamy gnocchi primavera – crispy gnocchi with colourful veggies and a creamy sauce. So quick and easy.

Have I inspired you to give any of these easy vegetarian dinners a try? Hopefully there will be something here for everyone, no matter how much of a novice cook you are.

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  1. It looks like all your cookbook day vegetarian. And I am a new vegetarian. I am not vegan. But so many times I tap on a recipe and it comes up vegan instead of vegetarian it’s very frustrating. Not only that I have a budget of $75 a month to buy food . I need very simple recipe. That won’t cost much, and I like recipes that make enough for 6 meals.