*This collection of healthy vegetarian dinners was first published in January 2017, but since I’ve had a super busy December (baby’s first Christmas!), I hope you will forgive me for republishing it again this year. I’ve updated it with some new recipes, so there’s plenty of new stuff to see. Regular recipes will resume shortly!*

After eating several times my weight in chocolate over the Christmas period, I always try to eat a bit better in January (at the very least, I save the chocolate until after midday). If you’re the same, hopefully you’ll find plenty of healthy vegetarian dinner inspiration here. I didn’t include any salads because, although it’s perfectly possible to make a delicious, filling salad, I do generally prefer something hot in the evenings, especially through the winter.

Here goes – tons of healthy vegetarian dinners (that aren’t just salads!):

Creamy vegetarian bean stew in a bowl with garlic bread

Creamy three bean stew (pictured above) – full of protein!
Greek fajitas – go easy on the feta and bulk them out with extra lettuce and tomato.
Veggie fajita bowls – just go easy on the halloumi and heavy on the veg!
Herby risotto stuffed peppers – an easy way to ensure your portions of risotto are reasonable!
Easy vegan chilli with baked potatoes from Thinly Spread [vegan] – serve any leftovers with brown rice for a bit of a change.
Chickpea dal with spinach from Simply Food [vegan] – a protein-rich side dish or main course.

Very veggie lentil bake in a baking dish with a portion removed

Very veggie lentil bake (pictured above) – serve it with sautéed kale or a big green salad.
Mushroom and kidney bean koftas with herby pesto [vegan] – I served mine with couscous, but they’re really versatile – try rice or salad instead if you prefer.
Spicy bean hotpot with crispy potato topping – a tasty stew with lots of beans and veggies, and just enough cheesy potatoes to make it feel like a treat!
Individual shakshuka boats from Kavey Eats – eggs make a great healthy (and cheap) dinner.
Broad bean, fennel and carrot pilaf from The Veg Space [vegan] – I’d try using brown rice to make it extra nutritious.

Low-carb broccoli crust pizza with tomato slices and olives, cut into quarters

Low-carb broccoli pizza crust (pictured above) – perfect if you’re following a low-carb diet.
Creamy courgetti with white bean sauce [vegan] – it’s the beans that make it creamy!
Chickpea bolognese pasta bake – it may still be cheesy pasta, but the chickpea ‘mince’ adds a lot of protein!
Feta, pepper and courgette filo pie from BakingQueen74 – if you’re partial to pastry, filo is a great option as it’s really low in fat.
Roasted pumpkin soup with crispy sage from Domestic Gothess – soup is always a good way to get your veggies in!

Rich and tomatoey white bean casserole with crispy breadcrumb topping, being scooped by a spoon

Rich and tomatoey white bean gratin (pictured above) – add extra veggies to bulk it out if you like.
Homemade falafel quinoa bowls – just skip the tzatziki for a vegan dinner.
15 minute creamy chickpea curry – I added a dash of cream to mine, but you can easily skip this for a less creamy, but equally tasty, curry.
Spiralized veggie noodle bowls with peanut sauce from Domestic Gothess [vegan] – with whole grain buckwheat noodles.

Mediterranean lentil meatballs with tomato sauce and couscous

Mediterranean lentil meatballs (pictured above) [vegan] – serve with wholewheat pasta, couscous, or just a big salad.
Vegetarian sausage casserole – full of protein and veggies!
Ratatouille risotto [vegan] – tons of vegetables, no unnecessary cheese.
Nutty tofu lettuce wraps – use brown rice for more fibre.
Carrot, coriander and chickpea burgers from Supper In The Suburbs [vegan] – serve the burgers bun-less to save on calories.
Stuffed zucchini boats with quinoa and pico de gallo from The Petite Cook – great served alongside a big green salad.

Vegetarian slow cooker burrito bowls with sour cream and avocado

Slow cooker burrito bowls (pictured above) – go easy on the cheese and top with extra veggies for an even healthier dinner.
Sausage and puy lentil vegetarian cassoulet [vegan] – another protein-packed dinner.
Kidney bean and sweet potato chilli [vegan] – it would be so easy to add extra veg to this one.
‘Kill a cold’ lentil curry from Tin And Thyme [vegan] – so full of goodness.
Rice and quinoa with pan-fried tofu from Fab Food 4 All [vegan] – tofu is a great source of protein and is really low in fat.
Chickpea and sweet potato curry from Penelope’s Pantry [vegan] – make an extra big batch for two dinners.

Nutty pumpkin seed baked veggie burgers on a baking tray with brown parchment paper

Nutty pumpkin seed baked veggie burgers (pictured above) [vegan] – serve them in lettuce cups like I did to avoid adding empty calories.
Low-carb tikka cauliflower rice [vegan] – a tasty low-carb accompaniment to your favourite curry, or as a light dinner on its own.
Cheesy lentil slice – a protein-packed dinner that’s great with a big, tasty salad.
Sweet potato and butter bean burgers from Munchies and Munchkins – serve with potato wedges and salad for a nice change.
Greek stuffed tomatoes from Lovely Appetite – stuffed veggies are perfect if you’re watching your portions, as they automatically limit your portion size!

White bean mash with griddled courgette, peppers and aubergine and homemade pesto, served on a plate with a fork

White bean mash with griddled veggies and homemade pesto (pictured above) – white bean mash is a seriously tasty, high protein alternative to mashed potato.
Spicy three bean soup [vegan] – packed with flavour and protein!
Low-carb cauliflower tabbouleh – with some falafel on the side for protein!
Vegetarian Irish stew – use vegetable stock instead of the beer!
Sweet potato, red onion and feta frittata from VeggieLAD – frittatas are one of my go-to healthy dinners.
Hasselback sweet potatoes with guacamole from The Petite Cook – sweet potatoes make a lovely change from normal potatoes.

What are your go-to healthy recipes for this time of year? Let me know in the comments if you have any more ideas!