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40 vegetarian winter warmers

A bumper collection of 40 vegetarian winter warmers to help get you through to spring! Vegetarian comfort food at its finest.

Collage showing 8 different vegetarian winter warmers

Brrrr! It’s so cold outside this week. We’ve had snow here in the UK (only an inch or two where I live, but that was enough to turn my street into an ice rink and freeze my car doors shut), and I’ve heard that things are even worse in much of the US at the moment. So I’m sure lots of you will be in need of this bumper collection of vegetarian winter warmers!

These hearty casseroles, stews and pasta bakes are just my kind of food – real vegetarian comfort food that warms you up from the inside out. If I’m going to try to find a silver lining for this cold weather (I’m not a snow fan!), it’s that I can 100% justify eating comfort food for dinner every night for the next few weeks. Not that I usually need an excuse, but… it’s always good to have one.

Let’s get stuck in! 40 vegetarian winter warmers to help get you through to spring.

Portion of mushroom and black bean chilli in a bowl with rice

Vegetarian stews

Easy mushroom and black bean chilli [vegan] (pictured above)
Vegetarian savoury mince [vegan]
Creamy white beans with goat’s cheese
Sweet potato and chickpea slow cooker tagine [vegan]
Chickpea dumplings in sweet potato gravy [vegan]

Portion of creamy three bean stew in a bowl with a fork

Creamy three bean stew (pictured above)
Vegetarian Irish stew [vegan]
Vegetarian ‘beef’ stew with easy suet dumplings [vegan]
Vegetarian sausage casserole [vegan]
Slow cooker three bean enchilada chilli [vegan]

Portion of three cheese eggplant parmesan pasta bake on a plate with a cheesy topping

Vegetarian pasta bakes

Three cheese eggplant parmesan pasta bake (pictured above)
Ultimate macaroni cheese
Chickpea bolognese pasta bake
Mexican bean lasagne
One pot vegetarian chilli mac

Portion of vegetarian chilli and rice bake on a plate with salad

Vegetarian baked casseroles

One pot vegetarian chilli and rice bake (pictured above)
Goat’s cheese and potato lentil gratin
Veggie enchilada stack
Very veggie lentil bake

Portion of cheesy bean bake on a plate with salad and garlic bread

Cheesy bean bake (pictured above)
Spicy bean hotpot with crispy potato topping
Refried bean enchiladas with jalapeño cheese sauce
Vegetable cobbler

Portion of aubergine and sweet potato Thai red curry in a bowl with rice

Vegetarian curries

Aubergine and sweet potato Thai red curry [vegan] (pictured above)
Slow cooker paneer tikka masala
15 minute creamy chickpea curry
Muttar paneer masala
Mango chickpea curry [vegan]

Bowlful of mushroom stroganoff soup with garlic croutons

Vegetarian soups

Mushroom stroganoff soup with garlic croutons (pictured above)
Slow cooker smoky jalapeño and white bean soup
Sweetcorn egg drop soup

Bowlful of creamy cauliflower cheese soup with crispy croutons

Creamy cauliflower cheese soup (pictured above)
15 minute black bean soup [vegan]
Tuscan bean and veggie soup [vegan]
Slow cooker wild rice and mushroom soup

Large creamy vegetable and halloumi pie with a slice removed

Other vegetarian winter warmers

Creamy vegetable and halloumi pie (pictured above)
Very veggie mashed potato
Mushroom stroganoff pie
Vegan avocado risotto [vegan]
Cheesy potato and lentil pie

And there you have it! 40 vegetarian winter warmers to help get you through this cold weather. Which will you make first?

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